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A group of racers in HTX who meetup to play bikes.


Saturday @ 9am


Big Horn, 20211 Hwy 6, Manvel, TX 77578

The Rules

#1 - Complete the WAIVER below.
#2 - DON'T SHOW UP if you haven't completed the Waiver.
#3 - DON'T SHOW UP WITH A FRIEND who hasn't completed the Waiver.
#4- Request to join the STRAVA CLUB.
#5 - DON'T SHOW UP if you haven't joined the Strava Club.
#6 - VENMO TO PLAY. No Cash, no Paypal, no IOU.
#7 - OBEY ALL TRAFFIC RULES, course is not closed.
#8 - NO TEAM TACTICS, every man for himself.
#9 - CENTER LINE in effect.
#10 - DON'T BE A DICK, this isn't a real race.


$5 per rider. All money goes into the pot.


1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd  - 10%

The Route

Watch out for crosswinds!


The start is 10 miles neutral from Big Horn to the Race Course . 


Yellow sign around 500 meters after the final right curve.


8 mile flat loop done 3x clockwise (24 miles). The course is very fast and safe. It has minimal traffic and no stop signs. Three right turns, one is less than 90 degrees.


After the race everyone regroups and rides back to Big Horn. Plan on approximately 45 miles once you leave the start.

Fight Club HTX - 2021 Waiver

Athlete Acknowledgement of Risk, Release of Liability, Indemnity and Agreement

  1. I am agreeing to participate in an event, ride, and/or activities (collectively “Training”) with the assistance of Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, Amber Williams, and being fully aware that the Training involves risks. I accept all the risks of participating in the Training, even if they are created by the carelessness or negligence of Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, or Amber Williams. Risks of the training include, without limitation, risks of bicycling, physical exertion, training and competing in large groups of people where a person may be knocked down and fallen on, motor vehicles, and road and surface conditions. Additional risks are described below in the accompanying List of Possible Hazards. I know there are other risks too that are not listed and I accept them too.
  2. I fully release, discharge and waive any Claims I may have, now or in the future, against Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, and Amber Williams, even if Claims are based on the carelessness or negligence of Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, and Amber Williams. "Claims" as used in this document means any and all liabilities, claims, demands, legal actions, and rights of action for damages, personal injury or death which are related to or in any way connected with my participation in the Training which I or my heirs or personal representative could make.
  3. I agree not to sue Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, and Amber Williams for claims, even if the claims arise from the carelessness or negligence of Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, and Amber Williams.  I agree to indemnify (reimburse for any loss) and hold harmless Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, and Amber Williams from any loss or liability (including any reasonable attorney’s fees that may incur) defending any claim made by me or by anyone making a claim on my behalf, even if the claim is alleged to or did result from the carelessness or negligence of Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, or Amber Williams.
  4. I am aware that there is no obligation for any person to provide me with medical care during the Training. If medical care is rendered to me, I consent to that care if I am unable to give my consent for any reason at the time that the care is rendered. I am aware that it is advisable to consult a physician prior to participating in the Training. If I have consulted one, I have taken the physician's advice.
5. I grant my permission to Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, and Amber Williams, to utilize any photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, recordings and any other references or records of the Training which may depict, record, or refer to me for any purpose, including commercial use, by Vite Racing, Jeremy Schwab, Amber Williams, and their sponsors.

List of Possible Hazards
The following is a partial list of hazards that are often associated with training for cycling and other such endurance events:
  • Death or serious personal injury.
  • Falls resulting in broken bones, sprains, strains, contusions, and equipment damage.
  • Collisions with other athletes or vehicles on the road or trail.
  • Saddle sores, crotch rash, neck and back pain, and hand numbness related to bicycle riding.
  • Tendonitis and bursitis, muscle strains and/or tears, and trigger points.
  • Upper respiratory infections associated with heavy training loads.
  • Heart attack and other heart-related symptoms.
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation (due to dehydration issues)
  • Blood in urine or issues trying to urinate, high ketones or protein levels.
  • Men: penile numbness, prostatitis, swollen testicles, and impotence from bicycling.
  • Women: nipple pain from friction, vulvar swelling, groin and chest rashes, and yeast infections.
  • Anemia, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and exposure to pollution, weight loss, immune system issues due to improper recovery and nutritional needs.
  • Hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels) or dehydration.
I intend that this document act as the broadest and most inclusive assumption of risk, waiver, release of liability, agreement not to sue and indemnity as is permitted by the laws of the State of Texas. If any portion of it is held to be invalid, I agree that the rest of it shall continue in full force and effect. The singular of nouns and pronouns in this document includes the plural and the plural includes the singular. I agree that this agreement was made in Houston, Texas and that the laws of the State of Texas shall govern its interpretation and enforcement.

Emergency Contact

Strava Club


Request to Join after completing Waiver.