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Fear the Crosswinds!

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A group of racers in HTX who meetup to play bikes


Saturday @ 8am


Big Horn, 20211 Hwy 6, Manvel, TX 77578

The Rules

#1- Request to join the STRAVA CLUB.
#2 - DON'T SHOW UP if you haven't joined the Strava Club.
#3 - OBEY ALL TRAFFIC RULES, course is not closed.
#4 - NO TEAM TACTICS, every man for himself.
#5 - CENTER LINE in effect.
#6 - DON'T BE A DICK, this isn't a real race.

The Route


The start is 10 miles neutral from Big Horn to the Race Course . 


White Line right before the Yellow sign. Around 500m after the final right curve.


8 mile flat loop done 3x clockwise (24 miles). The course is very fast and safe. It has minimal traffic and no stop signs. Three right turns, one is less than 90 degrees.


After the race everyone regroups at the Harbinger Freight Services parking lot for podiums before heading north back to Big Horn. Plan on approximately 45 miles once you leave the start.

The Finish

White Line before the Yellow Sign.

Around 500 meters after the final right curve.

Strava Club


Request to Join if you dare.